Wall of Saves


One of the big focuses for the employees at POLARIS Laboratories® is, “Why do we do what we do?” The answer is easy. We save equipment.  We test oil, fuel and coolant and provide maintenance recommendations on the results. This keeps our customer’s equipment and their businesses operating smoothly. Everything we do comes back to the end goal of helping our customers.

One of the ways that we keep this idea in the forefront is by posting all of the equipment saves reported to us by our customers on our “Wall of Saves”. 2016 was a great year with 385 saves posted to the wall. A few of our favorites from the past year include:

  • We found fuel dilution in the diesel engine of a large crane. The customer saved $11,500 by replacing a fuel pump instead of having to do a complete engine rebuild.
  • By identifying elevated wear in the transmission of a combine, the owner only had to replace a small gear. This prevented the need for a $75,000 transmission overhaul.
  • Water was found in a dump truck hydraulic system due to a fill cap being left off. A cap replacement and oil change saved this customer $7,000 and caught the issue before a spongy hydraulic system put any people at risk.

How has using oil analysis helped your company? You can share your story using the actions taken feature of HORIZON® or contact our data analysis team directly using the call number on your report. We’d love to add your big win to our wall of saves!


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