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Why Too Much Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor Can Be Harmful

What are coolant corrosion inhibitors? Coolant corrosion inhibitors help decrease the corrosion rate of metals within your equipment and help maintain other coolant properties. The coolant manufacturers will determine the type of coolant corrosion inhibitors utilized in their product. The main types of inhibitors are: Inorganic based (IAT) Organic based (OAT) Azoles What coolant should […]

Case Study: Filter Debris Analysis

Identifying the Root Cause of Problems with Filter Debris Analysis Routine fluid analysis can help to monitor equipment conditions and extend component life. But, by going the extra step and performing Filter Debris Analysis, and other tests to analyze particles found within the filter, you can identify harmful debris, identify the root cause of the […]

Keeping Your Generators Compliant with NFPA 110

NFPA 110 The NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) Standard 110 is the standard for testing emergency and stand-by generators. This standard outlines ways to prevent the disruption of critical loads in case of emergency. The standard also lists the tests necessary to fall within compliance with the authorities who have jurisdiction (AHJ) for code enforcement. […]

Learn Why Reliability Matters

W Edwards Deming once said, “Learning is not compulsory; it’s voluntary. Improvement is not compulsory; it’s voluntary. But to survive, we must learn.” And, POLARIS Laboratories® is ready to help you learn…about the future. We partner with program champions from companies all around the globe and, together, we have helped them save more of their […]

VIDEO: How to Take a Grease Sample

Grease analysis allows you to tap into new information about your equipment health and reliability. Taking action from the recommendations on your grease analysis sample report means you can: Monitor consistency Identify contamination, oxidation and wear concentration Optimize your drain intervals Each grease analysis sample kit includes the materials you need to take a grease […]

POLARIS Laboratories® Expands Testing Capabilities

It’s here: Grease Analysis! We’ve officially expanded our suite of fluid testing and analysis capabilities to include grease – and you can start testing today. Grease analysis with POLARIS Laboratories® means: Cost-effective condition monitoring Eliminate unplanned, costly downtime Optimize your grease intervals Easy-to-use sampling devices – which need less than two grams of grease Complete […]

Eliminating Costly Equipment Downtime

In the construction industry, we see harsh operating conditions, extreme load variations and high-dollar costs with equipment replacement. That’s why fluid analysis a key to meeting the high demands of your customers – on schedule. Heavy-Duty Equipment Environments Construction equipment is often exposed to extreme, uncontrollable environmental factors for long periods of time, yet is […]