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POLARIS Laboratories® Expands into South America Market

POLARIS Laboratories® is excited to announce our seventh laboratory location is officially open for testing. As POLARIS Laboratories® continues to grow in the global marketplace, we will now serve South America customers through our newest laboratory facility in Bogota, Colombia. Through this new laboratory, we are able to provide fluid analysis services to the same […]

Is Your Grease Headed to Failure?

Many maintenance technicians can tell you the health of their equipment just by the way it sounds and their maintenances and lubrication schedules. However, if you ask about their greased components, most say we grease it either on schedule or when it sounds like it needs it. Unfortunately both of those answers cannot tell you […]

It’s More Than Fluid Analysis

You’ve made the decision to use POLARIS Laboratories® as your trusted fluid analysis provider, a great start to a successful fluid analysis program. Now are using all the features available? POLARIS Laboratories® provides more than fluid analysis. Learn about how our convenient mobile app can help you manage your program in real time. Real-Time Alerts […]

Keep Calm and Sample On

As governments try to slow the spread of COVID-19, businesses face new challenges involving logistics, shipping, border closures and quarantines. However, people are still counting on businesses like yours to continue transporting, producing, powering, mining and operating like normal. So, where does that leave you? Keep sampling, that’s what! If you are able, we encourage […]

COVID-19 Readiness at POLARIS Laboratories®

At this time, we are operating laboratories as usual and will communicate if there are any changes or if we temporarily close any laboratories. Like you, we have spent the last several weeks learning about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how it is impacting our world. We’ve prioritized ensuring the health and well-being of our employees […]

Appearance May Not Tell the Whole Story

  Appearances can be deceiving! During every PM you need to be monitoring your cooling system. Your coolant should be clear of precipitate and have the appearance of new fluid when first put into the system. However, only monitoring the appearance may not tell the whole story of the health of the cooling system. Appearance can […]

Managing Your Fleet in Real-Time

Maintenance managers in the construction industry have more information available at their fingertips regarding the health and risk of their equipment than ever before. Real time information regarding equipment location, operating conditions, component temperatures, fault codes and a host of other telematics and on-board sensors data. This information is not just raw data, but is […]

Oil Analysis + Asset Reliability

Equipment Reliability A well-applied, managed fluid analysis program becomes a major tool in maintaining your equipment in tip-top condition. While it is an additional cost, fluid analysis can pay dividends in keeping the equipment running longer, minimizing repairs and decreasing downtime. Lubricating oil is the most common of the fluids analyzed (click here to see […]

Wind Systems Magazine: How POLARIS Laboratories® helps extends the life of turbines

Lubricants are important in many industries where friction ranges from being inconvenient to financially disastrous. Making sure parts run smoothly is paramount when it comes to the smooth operation of a wind farm, and POLARIS Laboratories®, with locations around the globe, works to ensure friction and its related forces don’t impede the production of energy. […]