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Canadian Shipping Advancements

Shipping samples to the laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is now more convenient with new postage options for customers operating in East and West Canada. POLARIS Laboratories® has recently added […]

Oil Analysis: Why You Need it Now More than Ever

Today’s oil analysis capabilities offer a great deal more than just monitoring component health. With today’s technology, along with performing the proper tests, we can: Monitor the condition of the […]

Monitoring Extended Life Coolant with Testing

Using heavy-duty Extended Life Coolant (ELC) within your equipment means the coolant can reach a longer service life, according to coolant manufacturer guidelines. However, issues may arise during extended use. […]

Submit Samples Faster with QR Code Asset Tags

Any number of component ID’s registered on the HORIZON® platform can instantly be rendered into a QR code directly from your list of equipment. The QR codes can be conveniently […]

Avoid Delays and Ship Samples ASAP

Sample. Ship. Results.  Taking into account the shipping issues and labor shortages affecting shipments in addition to the holidays fast approaching, it’s more important now than ever to ship your […]