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Monitor Biodiesel Content with FAME Testing

If you’re in the fuel industry, or store diesel to refuel your vehicles/machinery on site, then it’s likely you’ve heard about the increasing level of biodiesel and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) content. What problems can it cause and how do we overcome them? Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) One of the reasons for Fatty […]

3 Simple Steps to Avoid Holiday Shipping Delays

Sample. Ship. Results. Action! The holidays are approaching faster than ever and we’ve recently heard from shipping carriers that it’s going to be a very busy holiday shipping season. Carriers all over the globe are seeing a surge in the number packages shipped daily. We know how vital your sample results are when faced with […]

POLARIS Laboratories® Expands into South America Market

POLARIS Laboratories® is excited to announce our seventh laboratory location is officially open for testing. As POLARIS Laboratories® continues to grow in the global marketplace, we will now serve South America customers through our newest laboratory facility in Bogota, Colombia. Through this new laboratory, we are able to provide fluid analysis services to the same […]

Program Enrichment Review: It’s Not Just Data, It’s What You Do With It

Today’s fluid analysis capabilities offer a great deal more than just monitoring component health. With today’s technology, along with performing the proper tests, we can: Monitor the condition of the oil See if it is suitable for continued use Reduce the amount of used oil disposal Adjust maintenance intervals and strategies Adjust component replacement schedules […]

How to Stay Afloat: Tips to Increase the Value of Your Fluid Analysis Program

A properly executed oil analysis program delivers operational cost savings while increasing component life and reducing time between scheduled and unscheduled equipment overhauls. An oil analysis program can also address safety concerns and minimize risk to personnel and assets. The goal of an oil analysis program is to become more proactive, less reactionary and to […]

Do You Have the Right Coolant Testing?

Providing a Greater Understanding Do you have an extended life coolant? Did you know that mechanical and/or contamination can occur causing the extended life coolant properties to decrease and reduce the life of the fluid? Have you ever had an unknown coolant formulation in the cooling system and a coolant top off was needed? Including […]

The Secret to Making Sampling Easy

That sounds like an infomercial title, right? But it’s not often that you’ll find a product that will: Make your daily life easier Quickly pay for itself Lower chances of contaminating your sample bottle If this is what you’re looking to achieve, sample valves are what you want! You won’t even need to shut off equipment […]