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Oil Analysis 4.0: Introducing DataConnect


Introducing Oil Analysis 4.0, a new way to manage your fluid analysis! This new feature, developed by our IT and development team, automatically retrieves your latest HORIZON® data for integration, making it easier for you to analyze the health of your equipment. We call it DataConnect. 

The benefits of moving all of your information to one system are clear. Not only will it give you a better view of your maintenance program but it’ll also grant you greater flexibility so you can react quickly to your fluid analysis results. By maximizing your program’s efficiency, you’ll also be able to:

  • Better reach your business objectives
  • Increase your return on investment
  • Prove the value of your program to your leadership team

Using DataConnect, all of the information you need will be in one place. No more flipping from one program to the other. No more trying to connect the dots. Whether you need to analyze the status of your sample or view the testing data, you can do so in your own program. 

If you’re interested in using this service:

  1. Discuss with your IT team about how to take advantage of DataConnect with your existing systems.
  2. Submit your request for DataConnect by emailing custserv@eoilreports.com. Please include your IT contact so we can provide them with the details.
  3. Our IT department will then provide information about connecting your system to DataConnect.

Our IT and development team is constantly working to improve your user experience by adding innovative new functionality to HORIZON. If you have any questions about how Oil Analysis 4.0 impacts your business, please feel free to contact us at custserv@eoilreports.com.


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HORIZON®: How To Add Equipment

The HORIZON® management tool is an incredible resource for you and your maintenance team. Using the system, you can submit samples, view sample reports and submit actions taken. In order to make the most out of your use of HORIZON, it’s important to keep your system information up-to-date.

Adding new equipment directly into your HORIZON equipment list can help simplify your sample submission process.

Luckily, it’s easy to do. For a more in depth look at this procedure, check out this technical bulletin or watch this video. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at the steps to add equipment into your HORIZON account.

 Navigation from the Dashboard

  1. From the menu tab bar, click on Equipment Management and select “Add Equipment” from the drop-down list that appears.

Account Selection

  1. Select one account for the new component and click the green arrow at the top. You can filter the columns by typing in the fields or sort them by clicking the arrow to the right of the field.

Component ID

  1. Components can be named one of two ways: Asset Detail Abbreviations or Direct Naming.
    • Type in those fields to automatically filter the list of eligible entries and select your choice using your mouse or the “Enter” button.

Component Values

  1. Provide as much information as possible for more precise recommendations.

Filter Values

  1. Provide the type of filter and micron size rating (if any) on the unit.

Product Values

  1. The Product Values is the type of fluid typically used in the component.

Wild Card

  1. Wild Card values can be utilized for any additional information you would like reflected on the sample that isn’t already available using the other fields.


  1. Once you are satisfied with all of the information in the Component List and the current screen, click “Review and Save”.


  1. This screen allows you to review the Component ID, Secondary ID and Component Type.
  2. A CSV file of the components can be downloaded for your records.
  3. Click “Add Another Component” to add another component to that account or “Confirm” to add the components.

For additional questions about the HORIZON management system or app, please contact us at custserv@eoilreports.com.

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The HORIZON® Mobile App is Available for Android

Android users, we didn’t forget you! After unveiling the HORIZON® app for Apple in 2015, we have spent the last few months working diligently to develop the same easy-to-use app for Android devices.  After all this hard work, I’m happy to announce the HORIZON app for Android is now available in the Google Play™ store!

The application, an extension of our award-winning fluid analysis software, is designed to make submitting your samples easy and reliable. No matter what device you’re using, a smartphone, tablet or computer, the HORIZON app and web versions are capable of syncing in real time, which means you can always rely on the app to keep you in the loop.

Android App and Phone

Whether you’re using Apple or Android, this app is designed to make your day easier. Using the mobile app allows you to stand right next to your equipment and enter fluid time, mileage and other information directly into HORIZON. This eliminates the need for paper submissions and the inevitable errors that come with it.

In addition, the app helps you manage your alerts, notifying you when your sample is complete and allowing you to adjust the alerts based on fluid
type and severity. The sample submission function also shows you the status of the sample (waiting, received, completed) in the sample submission list.

Don’t worry, if your phone battery is low, you can still access HORIZON on your web browser.

As we continue to identify ways to make your sample submission process easier, stay up-to-date on everything HORIZON through our monthly newsletter.

Download for Android
Download for Apple

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Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. 

New HORIZON® App Feature Eliminates Paperwork

Sample submission makes sampling quicker, easier, more accurate

INDIANAPOLIS – The latest feature offered on the new app for HORIZON – online sample submission – will improve how users collect and submit oil, coolant and diesel fuel samples. Now sample data can be entered into the app and linked to the barcode on the sample jar, eliminating the need for sample paperwork to be filled out and shipped.

“Giving customers the ability to submit samples from a phone or tablet means they can stand next to the equipment while they enter the numbers,” POLARIS Laboratories® Chief Executive Officer Bryan Debshaw said. “Going digital greatly improves accuracy and speeds up the process, too. It’s a positive change for everyone.”

The process is simple. Customers use the app to select a component from their equipment list, enter required information and link the data to the barcode on the sample. Common paperwork mistakes can prevent a sample from being tested, so a data validation process immediately tells users if information is missing or incorrect.

The app uses the mobile device’s camera to automatically scan barcodes, eliminating the need to type in long strings of numbers and characters. In addition, customers can create QR codes of their equipment’s ID numbers and use the camera to find the component in the app.

Since August 2015, the initial version of the HORIZON app has been downloaded on more than 1,300 mobile devices. Users employ the app’s customizable alerts to notify them when testing is complete. A few taps can bring up a testing result summary and recommendations, and another tap will download the full report as a PDF. With the addition of the sample submission feature, users can perform oil analysis from start to finish without using a computer, email account or written paperwork.

The HORIZON app places the power of the web data management application in the palm of your hand. The app allows users to quickly submit sample data and read reports from mobile devices. Available now on iOS devices, the app will expand to Android platforms in the near future.

Online Sample Submission: Change Is Good

Submitting sample information through HORIZON® is quick, easy and, best of all, reduces errors. While this option has been available, we’ve redesigned the feature to be better than ever.

But why does this matter to you today? Several reasons.

The redesign also gave us the opportunity to prepare HORIZON for future updates. The HORIZON mobile app is coming out Summer 2015, and a lot of behind-the-scenes work was needed to set the foundation for the mobile app. You will be able to view and filter sample reports when the app is first released, and soon after you’ll be able to submit sample information from your mobile device, too.

After selecting the components that were sampled, now the information and fluid type is displayed right next to the sample fields. The system will make sure the barcode you enter is valid to use on the component type. This should reduce the number of coolants submitted as oils and vice versa.

You also can collapse the fields for each component or even remove components from the screen. Collapsing large lists of components and expanding the fields only when needed greatly reduces the amount of scrolling required. Removing individual components was a popular request because if the wrong component was selected in the old sample submission process, users had to move back a screen, unselect the component and re-enter all of the sample data.

Just after the new sample submission process launched, we received a call from a customer with immediate feedback. He had pulled many samples and wanted to save time by submitting the sample information online. The customer processed half of them in about five hours before work ended. The next morning, he noticed the new sample submission feature had deployed. The customer picked up where he left off with the samples, and to his surprise, the last half of the samples only took him two hours! He was very impressed by the improvements and appreciated the additional time we saved him.

For instructions on using the new sample submission process, download the written instructions or watch the video.

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Published June 9, 2015

Turn Up the Heat on Your Turnaround Time

The speed of business has accelerated in today’s on-demand, instant-access world. This makes me wonder why some of our customers don’t take advantage of the shortcuts and speed-ups HORIZON® offers. There are simple ways to have your samples tested faster, but only a small portion of our customers take advantage of them. Now you can avoid unnecessary delays before your samples are tested.

Online Sample Submission: Customers have the ability to enter sample information directly into HORIZON instead of shipping paperwork with the sample. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is! When this information already exists in the system, it accelerates our internal process and reduces errors. Handwriting equipment and sample information is not fun for your technicians and reading that handwriting can be quite challenging for ours. With HORIZON, all your account and component information is there from previous samples so all you have to do is scan a barcode, enter is a few fields of sample information and click submit. Some paperwork errors stop our laboratory technicians from being able to run tests on the sample or data analysts from providing accurate, reliable recommendations. With HORIZON sample submission, all the information is entered an approved by you. We just apply a lab number, assign testing and your sample moves directly to the lab in front of thousands of other samples. Which brings me to my next point…

Shipping: We accept packages from UPS, FedEx, DHL and the United States Postal Service (USPS). The shipping time for each service will vary depending on your location(s), and you should weigh the cost of faster shipping against the business cost from waiting for oil analysis results. We recommend using UPS, FedEx and DHL so you can utilize their package tracking systems.

Samples on Hold: From missing information to account issues, there are a several reasons why a sample may be placed “on hold”. A delayed sample is frustrating to both us and our customers. Here’s how you can find out if a sample is put on hold.

  • HORIZON offers a Sample Hold Subscription, which sends an email when a sample from that account is put on hold. The email can be sent immediately for each sample, in a daily summary or in a weekly summary.
  • The Sample Hold Summary Report can be run on-demand. Customize it to show what samples are currently held or use it to discover the root cause of why a sample was placed on hold.

Using these tools will improve your overall experience and help ensure your samples are received as soon as possible, minimize errors and avoid unnecessary delays.

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Published January 28, 2015