Affect Change in Your Daily Maintenance Practices


The value of fluid analysis is the importance of taking quality samples at the right intervals and acting on the maintenance recommendations you receive. Through predictive maintenance you will identify problems before they damage your equipment and maximize operational performance. This all begins with how you design your program, communicate goals to your staff and maximize compliance.

Program Development and Implementation
At POLARIS Laboratories®, we believe there are seven essential steps to developing and implementing an effective fluid analysis program. From setting program goals to determining the appropriate testing to selecting the right laboratory, our Seven Steps to Managing Effective Fluid Analysis will provide you with the means for starting a new program or evaluating the process you’re using now. You may also find our list of most Frequently Asked Questions to be useful.

Oil, Fuel and Coolant Test Packages
POLARIS Laboratories® provides complete testing and analysis for oils, fuels, and coolants for numerous applications in a wide variety of industries. We provide 24 to 48 hour turnaround on most routine testing with data analysis and maintenance recommendations you can use to affect change in your daily maintenance practices and manage an effective fluid analysis program.

Placing Your First Order
Once you’ve determined the testing you need, it’s easy to place your first order. Call Customer Service at 877.808.3750 to establish your POLARIS Laboratories® account, set up your HORIZON® account to retrieve your results and order test kits and sampling equipment and supplies. If you have a small fleet or just need to monitor a key piece of equipment, the fastest way to start your oil analysis program is by ordering directly from our online store.

Register Equipment Lists
Submit a list of the equipment components you want to sample. You can enter individual components into HORIZON or partner with us to have the list imported.

Submit Samples Simply
Collect your samples with a vacuum pump, installed valve or catch it during a drain. Use our quick and simple mobile sample submission or online sample submission features to reduce paperwork, eliminate errors and accelerate turnaround time. If mobile devices do not have web access and computers are not available, the EZ Label allows you to ship paperwork with the sample.

Review Test Results
View sample results in HORIZON or schedule them to be sent to the email address of your choice. Email subscription settings can be adjusted to ensure the right person will receive the right notifications at the right time.

Abnormal or unexpected test results will be highlighted in accordance to our severity scale. Results of note will be mentioned in the comments section of the report along with maintenance recommendations. Taking action on test results is the key to a predictive maintenance strategy that results in fewer unexpected breakdowns, longer equipment life and more satisfied customers.